Recommendations on intervention for hepatobiliary oncological surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alejandra García Botella, Miguel Angel Gómez Bravo, Marcello Di Martino, Mikel Gastaca, Elena Martín-Pérez, Santiago Sánchez Cabús, Belinda Sánchez Pérez, Santiago López Ben, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Sanjuán, Rafael López-Andújar, Manuel Barrera, Jose M. Balibrea, Inés Rubio-Pérez, Josep M. Badia, Esteban Martin-Antona, Estibaliz Álvarez Peña, Alejandra García Botella, Mario Álvarez Gallego, Sagrario Martínez Cortijo, Isabel Pascual MigueláñezLola Pérez Díaz, José Luis Ramos Rodríquez, Eloy Espín-Basany, Raquel Sánchez Santos, Xavier Guirao Garriga, José Manuel Aranda Narváez, Salvador Morales-Conde

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelPeer review

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The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic requires an analysis in the field of oncological surgery, both on the risk of infection, with very relevant clinical consequences, and on the need to generate plans to minimize the impact on possible restrictions on health resources. The AEC is making a proposal for the management of patients with hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) malignancies in the different pandemic scenarios in order to offer the maximum benefit to patients, minimising the risks of COVID-19 infection, and optimising the healthcare resources available at any time. This requires the coordination of the different treatment options between the departments involved in the management of these patients: medical oncology, radiotherapy oncology, surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, endoscopy department and intensive care. The goal is offer effective treatments, adapted to the available resources, without compromising patients and healthcare professionals safety.
TidskriftCirugia Espanola
StatusPublicerad - 1 mar 2021

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