Pediatric bronchoscopy: recent advances and clinical challenges

P. Goussard, P. Pohunek, E. Eber, F. Midulla, G. Di Mattia, M. Merven, J. T. Janson

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Introduction: During the last 40 years equipment has been improved with smaller instruments and sufficient size working channels. This has ensured that bronchoscopy offers therapeutic and interventional options. Areas covered: We provide a review of recent advances and clinical challenges in pediatric bronchoscopy. This includes single-use bronchoscopes, endobronchial ultrasound, and cryoprobe. Bronchoscopy in persistent preschool wheezing and asthma is included. The indications for interventional bronchoscopy have amplified and included balloon dilatation, endoscopic intubation, the use of airway stents, whole lung lavage, closing of fistulas and air leak, as well as an update on removal of foreign bodies. Others include the use of laser and microdebrider in airway surgery. Experience with bronchoscope during the COVID-19 pandemic has been included in this review. PubMed was searched for articles on pediatric bronchoscopy, including rigid bronchoscopy as well as interventional bronchoscopy with a focus on reviewing literature in the past 5 years. Expert opinion: As the proficiency of pediatric interventional pulmonologists continues to grow more interventions are being performed. There is a scarcity of published evidence in this field. Courses for pediatric interventional bronchoscopy need to be developed. The COVID-19 experience resulted in safer bronchoscopy practice for all involved.
ジャーナルExpert Review of Respiratory Medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 1 1 2021

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