The Experience of Emergency Department Providers With Embedded Palliative Care During COVID

Emily L. Aaronson, Laura Petrillo, Mark Stoltenberg, Juliet Jacobsen, Erica Wilson, Jason Bowman, Kei Ouchi, Lara Traeger, Bethany Rose Daubman, Christine S. Ritchie, Vicki Jackson

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Context: Although the importance of palliative care (PC) integration in the emergency department (ED) has long been recognized, few formalized programs have been reported, and none have evaluated the experience of ED clinicians with embedded PC. Objectives: We evaluate the experience of ED clinicians with embedded PC in the ED during the coronavirus disease pandemic. Methods: ED clinicians completed a survey about their perceptions of embedded PC in the ED. We summarized responses to closed-ended items using descriptive statistics and analyzed open-ended items using thematic analysis. Results: There were 134 ED clinicians surveyed. About 101 replied (75% response rate). Of those who had interacted with PC, 100% indicated a benefit of having PC involved. These included freeing up ED clinicians for other tasks (89%), helping them feel more supported (84%), changing the patients care trajectory (67%), and contributing to clinician education (57%) and skills (49%). Among barriers related to engaging PC were difficulty locating them (8%) and lack of time to consult because of ED volume (5%). About 98% of respondents felt that having PC in the ED was either valuable or very valuable. Open-ended responses reflected a positive impact on clinician wellness and improvement in access to high-quality goal-concordant care. Clinicians expressed gratitude for having PC in the ED and noted the importance of having readily available and easily accessible PC in the ED. Conclusion: ED clinicians' perception of embedded PC was overall positive, with an emphasis on the impact related to task management, enrichment of PC skills, providing support for the team, and improved care for ED patients.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Pain and Symptom Management
Issue number5
StatePublished - 1 Nov 2020

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