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The effect of inhibition of PP1 and TNFα signaling on pathogenesis of SARS coronavirus

McDermott, J. E. (Contributor), Mitchell, H. D. (Contributor), Gralinski, L. E. (Contributor), Eisfeld, A. J. (Contributor), Josset, L. (Contributor), Bankhead, A. (Contributor), Gabriele, N. (Contributor), Tilton, S. C. (Contributor), Schäfer, A. (Contributor), Li, C. (Contributor), Fan, S. (Contributor), McWeeney, S. (Contributor), Baric, R. S. (Contributor), Katze, M. G. (Contributor) & Waters, K. M. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2016


MOESM1 of Tonsillar cytokine expression between patients with tonsillar hypertrophy and recurrent tonsillitis

Mikola, E. (Contributor), Elenius, V. (Contributor), Saarinen, M. (Contributor), Palomares, O. (Contributor), Waris, M. (Contributor), Turunen, R. (Contributor), Puhakka, T. (Contributor), Ivaska, L. (Contributor), Beate, R. (Contributor), Aab, A. (Contributor), Vahlberg, T. (Contributor), Vuorinen, T. (Contributor), Allander, T. (Contributor), Carlos, C. (Contributor), MĂźbeccel, A. (Contributor), Cezmi, A. (Contributor) & Jartti, T. (Contributor), Figshare, 22 May 2018


CCDC 1963491: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Shin, Y. S. (Contributor), Jarhad, D. B. (Contributor), Jang, M. H. (Contributor), Kovacikova, K. (Contributor), Kim, G. (Contributor), Yoon, J. S. (Contributor), Kim, G. (Contributor), Hyun, Y. E. (Contributor), Tipnis, A. S. (Contributor), Chang, T. S. (Contributor), van Hemert, M. J. (Contributor) & Shin, Y. S. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2019


Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks

Leung, H. L. (Contributor), Chu, D. K. W. (Contributor), Shiu, E. Y. C. (Contributor), Chan, K. (Contributor), McDevitt, J. J. (Contributor), Hau, B. J. P. (Contributor), Yen, H. L. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Contributor), Ip, D. K. M. (Contributor), Peiris, J. S. M. (Contributor), Seto, W. H. (Contributor), Leung, H. L. (Contributor), Milton, D. K. (Contributor) & Cowling, B. J. (Contributor), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Jan 2020


CCDC 1840501: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Cobb, A. J. A. (Contributor), Dell'Isola, A. (Contributor), Abdulsattar, B. O. (Contributor), McLachlan, M. M. W. (Contributor), Neuman, B. W. (Contributor), Müller, C. (Contributor), Shankland, K. (Contributor), Al-Mulla, H. M. N. (Contributor), Binks, A. W. D. (Contributor) & Elvidge, W. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2018


Management of acute ischemic stroke in patients with COVID-19 infection: Report of an international panel

Qureshi, A. I. (Contributor), Abd-Allah, F. (Contributor), Alsenani, F. (Contributor), Aytac, E. (Contributor), Borhani-Haghighi, A. (Contributor), Ciccone, A. (Contributor), Gomez, C. R. (Contributor), Gurkas, E. (Contributor), Hsu, C. Y. (Contributor), Jani, V. (Contributor), Jiao, L. (Contributor), Kobayashi, A. (Contributor), Lee, J. (Contributor), Liaqat, J. (Contributor), Mazighi, M. (Contributor), Parthasarathy, R. (Contributor), Steiner, T. (Contributor), Suri, M. F. K. (Contributor), Toyoda, K. (Contributor), Ribo, M. (Contributor), Gongora-Rivera, F. (Contributor), Oliveira-Filho, J. (Contributor), Uzun, G. (Contributor) & Wang, Y. (Contributor), Figshare - Sage, 1 Jan 2020


Cancer history is an independent risk factor for mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients: a propensity score-matched analysis

Meng, Y. (Contributor), Lu, W. (Contributor), Guo, E. (Contributor), Liu, C. (Contributor), Yang, B. (Contributor), Wu, P. (Contributor), Lin, S. (Contributor), Peng, T. (Contributor), Fu, Y. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Contributor), Wang, Z. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Contributor), Xiao, R. (Contributor), Liu, C. (Contributor), Huang, Y. (Contributor), Lu, W. (Contributor), You, L. (Contributor), Ma, D. (Contributor), Sun, C. (Contributor) & Chen, G. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


Prevalence and impact of acute renal impairment on COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Yang, X. H. (Contributor), Jin, Y. (Contributor), Li, R. (Contributor), Zhang, Z. (Contributor), Sun, R. (Contributor) & Chen, D. C. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020