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Genomic characterization and infectivity of a novel SARS-like coronavirus in Chinese bats

Hu, D. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Ai, L. (Contributor), He, T. (Contributor), Wang, C. (Contributor), Ye, F. (Contributor), Yang, L. (Contributor), Ding, C. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Lv, R. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Hassan, B. (Contributor), Feng, Y. (Contributor), Tan, W. (Contributor) & Wang, C. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 2 Apr 2019


Treatment of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome with a combination of lopinavir-ritonavir and interferon-β1b (MIRACLE trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Arabi, Y. M. (Contributor), Alothman, A. (Contributor), Balkhy, H. H. (Contributor), Al-Dawood, A. (Contributor), Sameera, A. (Contributor), Harbi, S. A. (Contributor), Kojan, S. (Contributor), Al Jeraisy, M. (Contributor), Deeb, A. M. (Contributor), Assiri, A. (Contributor), Al-Hameed, F. (Contributor), AlSaedi, A. (Contributor), Mandourah, Y. (Contributor), Ghaleb A Almekhlafi (Contributor), Sherbeeni, N. M. (Contributor), Elzein, F. E. (Contributor), Memon, J. (Contributor), Taha, Y. (Contributor), Almotairi, A. (Contributor), Maghrabi, K. A. (Contributor), Qushmaq, I. (Contributor), Al Bshabshe, A. (Contributor), Kharaba, A. (Contributor), Shalhoub, S. (Contributor), Jose, J. (Contributor), Fowler, R. A. (Contributor), Hayden, F. G. (Contributor) & Hussein, M. A. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2018


Clinical management of respiratory syndrome in patients hospitalized for suspected Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in the Paris area from 2013 to 2016

Bleibtreu, A. (Contributor), Jaureguiberry, S. (Contributor), Houhou, N. (Contributor), Boutolleau, D. (Contributor), Guillot, H. (Contributor), Vallois, D. (Contributor), J., L. (Contributor), Robert, J. (Contributor), Mourvillier, B. (Contributor), Delemazure, J. (Contributor), Jaspard, M. (Contributor), F., L. (Contributor), Rioux, C. (Contributor), Caumes, E. (Contributor) & Yazdanapanah, Y. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2018


Serological evidence of MERS-CoV and HKU8-related CoV co-infection in Kenyan camels

Zhang, W. (Contributor), Xiao-Shuang, Z. (Contributor), Agwanda, B. (Contributor), Ommeh, S. (Contributor), Zhao, K. (Contributor), Lichoti, J. (Contributor), Wang, N. (Contributor), Chen, J. (Contributor), Bei, L. (Contributor), Xing-Lou, Y. (Contributor), Mani, S. (Contributor), Ngeiywa, K. J. (Contributor), Zhu, Y. (Contributor), Hu, B. (Contributor), Onyuok, S. O. (Contributor), Bing, Y. (Contributor), Danielle, E. A. (Contributor), Wang, N. (Contributor), Zhou, P. (Contributor) & Shi, Z. L. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 24 Oct 2019


Detection of distinct MERS-Coronavirus strains in dromedary camels from Kenya, 2017

Kiambi, S. (Contributor), Corman, V. M. (Contributor), Sitawa, R. (Contributor), Githinji, J. (Contributor), Ngoci, J. (Contributor), Ozomata, A. S. (Contributor), Gardner, E. (Contributor), von Dobschuetz, S. (Contributor), Morzaria, S. (Contributor), Kimutai, J. (Contributor), Schroeder, S. (Contributor), Njagi, O. (Contributor), Simpkin, P. (Contributor), Rugalema, G. (Contributor), Tadesse, Z. (Contributor), Juan, L. (Contributor), Makonnen, Y. J. (Contributor), Drosten, C. (Contributor), Müller, M. A. (Contributor) & Fasina, F. O. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 24 Oct 2019


COVID-19: viral–host interactome analyzed by network based-approach model to study pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Messina, F. (Contributor), Giombini, E. (Contributor), Agrati, C. (Contributor), Francesco, V. (Contributor), Ascoli Bartoli, T. (Contributor), Al Moghazi, S. (Contributor), Mauro, P. (Contributor), Locatelli, F. (Contributor), Kobinger, G. (Contributor), Maeurer, M. (Contributor), Zumla, A. I. (Contributor), Maria, R. C. (Contributor), Lauria, F. N. (Contributor) & Ippolito, G. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


Use of ward closure to control outbreaks among hospitalized patients in acute care settings: a systematic review

Wong, H. (Contributor), Eso, K. (Contributor), Ip, A. (Contributor), Jones, J. (Contributor), Kwon, Y. (Contributor), Powelson, S. (Contributor), de Grood, J. (Contributor), Geransar, R. (Contributor), Santana, M. (Contributor), Joffe, A. M. (Contributor), Taylor, G. D. (Contributor), Missaghi, B. (Contributor), Pearce, C. (Contributor), William, G. (Contributor) & Conly, J. M. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2015


Molecular detection of Porcine astrovirus in Sichuan Province, China

Cai, Y. (Contributor), Yin, W. (Contributor), Zhou, Y. (Contributor), Li, B. (Contributor), Ai, L. (Contributor), Pan, M. (Contributor) & Guo, W. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2016


Additional file 1 of Eating habits and lifestyle changes during COVID-19 lockdown: an Italian survey

Di Renzo, L. (Contributor), Gualtieri, P. (Contributor), Pivari, F. (Contributor), Soldati, L. (Contributor), Attinà, A. (Contributor), Cinelli, G. (Contributor), Leggeri, C. (Contributor), Caparello, G. (Contributor), Barrea, L. (Contributor), Scerbo, F. (Contributor), Esposito, E. (Contributor) & De Lorenzo, A. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 9 Jun 2020


Additional file 1 of Challenge infection model for MERS-CoV based on naturally infected camels

Alharbi, N. K. (Contributor), Ibrahim, O. H. (Contributor), Alhafufi, A. (Contributor), Kasem, S. (Contributor), Aldowerij, A. (Contributor), Albrahim, R. (Contributor), Abu-Obaidah, A. (Contributor), Alkarar, A. (Contributor), Bayoumi, F. (Contributor), Almansour, A. M. (Contributor), Aldubaib, M. (Contributor), Al-Abdely, H. M. (Contributor), Balkhy, H. H. (Contributor) & Qasim, I. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 18 Jun 2020