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COVID-19 seeding time and doubling time model: an early epidemic risk assessment tool

Zhou, L. (Contributor), Liu, J. M. (Contributor), Dong, X. P. (Contributor), McGoogan, J. M. (Contributor) & Wu, Z. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


Trigger factor assisted soluble expression of recombinant spike protein of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in Escherichia coli

Piao, D. C. (Contributor), Shin, D. W. (Contributor), Kim, I. S. (Contributor), Li, H. S. (Contributor), Oh, S. H. (Contributor), Singh, B. (Contributor), Maharjan, S. (Contributor), Lee, Y. S. (Contributor), Bok, J. D. (Contributor), Chong-Su, C. (Contributor), Hong, Z. S. (Contributor), Kang, S. K. (Contributor) & Choi, Y. J. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2016


Epidemiology of influenza in West Africa after the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, 2010–2012

Talla Nzussouo, N. (Contributor), Duque, J. (Contributor), Adedeji, A. (Contributor), Coulibaly, D. (Contributor), Sow, S. (Contributor), Tarnagda, Z. (Contributor), Maman, I. (Contributor), Lagare, A. (Contributor), Makaya, S. (Contributor), Elkory, M. B. (Contributor), Kadjo Adje, H. (Contributor), Shilo, P. A. (Contributor), Tamboura, B. (Contributor), Cisse, A. (Contributor), Badziklou, K. (Contributor), Maïnassara, H. B. (Contributor), Bara, A. O. (Contributor), Keita, A. M. (Contributor), Williams, T. (Contributor), Moen, A. C. (Contributor), Widdowson, M. A. (Contributor) & McMorrow, M. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2017


Detection of a novel astrovirus from a black-naped monarch (Hypothymis azurea) in Cambodia

Mendenhall, I. H. (Contributor), Yaung, K. N. (Contributor), Joyner, P. H. (Contributor), Keatts, L. (Contributor), Borthwick, S. A. (Contributor), Neves, E. S. (Contributor), San, S. (Contributor), Gilbert, M. (Contributor) & Gavin, S. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2015


COVID-19 - ESSKA guidelines and recommendations for resuming elective surgery

Mouton, C. (Contributor), Hirschmann, M. T. (Contributor), Ollivier, M. (Contributor), Seil, R. (Contributor) & Menetrey, J. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


Genomic characterization and infectivity of a novel SARS-like coronavirus in Chinese bats

Hu, D. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Ai, L. (Contributor), He, T. (Contributor), Wang, C. (Contributor), Ye, F. (Contributor), Yang, L. (Contributor), Ding, C. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Lv, R. (Contributor), Zhu, C. (Contributor), Hassan, B. (Contributor), Feng, Y. (Contributor), Tan, W. (Contributor) & Wang, C. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 2 Apr 2019