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Application of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome induced by avian influenza A (H7N9) viral pneumonia: national data from the Chinese multicentre collaboration

Huang, L. (Contributor), Zhang, W. (Contributor), Yang, Y. (Contributor), Wu, Y. (Contributor), Lu, W. (Contributor), Xue, H. (Contributor), Zhao, H. (Contributor), Wu, Y. (Contributor), Shang, J. (Contributor), Cai, L. (Contributor), Liu, D. (Contributor), Liu, D. (Contributor), Wang, C. (Contributor), Bin, C. (Contributor), Zhan, Q. Y. (Contributor) & Wang, C. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2018

Dataset pathogen detection and characterization through a web-based, open source informatics platform

Kilianski, A. (Contributor), Carcel, P. (Contributor), Yao, S. (Contributor), Roth, P. (Contributor), Schulte, J. (Contributor), Donarum, G. B. (Contributor), Fochler, E. T. (Contributor), Hill, J. M. (Contributor), Liem, A. T. (Contributor), Wiley, M. R. (Contributor), Ladner, J. T. (Contributor), Pfeffer, B. P. (Contributor), Elliot, O. (Contributor), Petrosov, A. (Contributor), Jima, D. D. (Contributor), Vallard, T. G. (Contributor), Melendrez, M. C. (Contributor), Skowronski, E. (Contributor), Quan, P. L. (Contributor), Lipkin, W. I. (Contributor), Gibbons, H. S. (Contributor), Hirschberg, D. L. (Contributor), Palacios, G. (Contributor) & Rosenzweig, C. N. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2015


COVID-19 in Brazil: advantages of a socialized unified health system and preparation to contain cases

Croda, J. (Contributor), Oliveira, W. (Contributor), Frutuoso, R. L. (Contributor), Mandetta, L. H. (Contributor), Baía-da-Silva, D. (Contributor), Brito-Sousa, J. D. (Contributor), Monteiro, W. M. (Contributor) & Lacerda, M. V. G. (Contributor), Figshare - SciELO, 22 Apr 2020


Immunologic aspects of characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Chang, F. Y. (Contributor), Chen, H. C. (Contributor), Chen, H. C. (Contributor), Mei-Shang, H. (Contributor), Hsieh, S. L. (Contributor), Lin, J. C. (Contributor), Liu, F. T. (Contributor) & Sytwu, H. K. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


Estimating severity of influenza epidemics from severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) in intensive care units

van Asten, L. (Contributor), Luna Pinzon, A. (Contributor), De Lange, D. W. (Contributor), De Jonge, E. (Contributor), Dijkstra, F. (Contributor), Marbus, S. (Contributor), Donker, G. A. (Contributor), Van Der Hoek, W. (Contributor) & De Keizer, N. F. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2018


CCDC 1942872: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Wu, R. J. (Contributor), Zhou, K. X. (Contributor), Yang, H. (Contributor), Song, F. H. (Contributor), Li, Y. H. (Contributor), Fu, J. X. (Contributor), Zhang, X. (Contributor), Yu, S. J. (Contributor), Wang, L. Z. (Contributor), Xiong, L. X. (Contributor), Niu, C. W. (Contributor), Song, F. H. (Contributor), Yang, H. (Contributor) & Wang, L. Z. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2019


CCDC 654367: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Yang, N. (Contributor), Tanner, J. A. (Contributor), Wang, Z. (Contributor), Huang, J. (Contributor), Zheng, B. J. (Contributor), Zhu, N. (Contributor) & Sun, H. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2008


Isolation of infectious SARS-CoV-2 from urine of a COVID-19 patient

Sun, J. (Contributor), Zhu, A. (Contributor), Li, Y. M. (Contributor), Zheng, K. (Contributor), Zhuang, Z. (Contributor), Chen, X. (Contributor), Shi, Y. (Contributor), Zhang, Y. (Contributor), Chen, X. (Contributor), Liu, X. (Contributor), Dai, J. (Contributor), Li, Y. M. (Contributor), Huang, X. (Contributor), Huang, X. (Contributor), Luo, L. (Contributor), Wen, L. (Contributor), Zhuo, J. (Contributor), Li, Y. M. (Contributor), Yanqun, W. (Contributor), Zhang, Y. (Contributor), Zhang, Y. (Contributor), Li, Y. M. (Contributor), Feng, L. (Contributor), Chen, X. (Contributor), Zhong, N. S. (Contributor), Yang, Z. (Contributor), Huang, X. (Contributor), Zhao, J. (Contributor) & Li, Y. M. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 18 May 2020


Development of a reverse transcription-loop-mediated isothermal amplification as a rapid early-detection method for novel SARS-CoV-2

Baek, Y. H. (Contributor), Um, J. (Contributor), Antigua, K. J. C. (Contributor), Park, J. S. (Contributor), Kim, S. G. (Contributor), Oh, S. (Contributor), Kim, S. G. (Contributor), Choi, Y. K. (Contributor), Kim, S. G. (Contributor), Jeong, J. H. (Contributor), Bum, S. C. (Contributor), Nicolas, H. D. G. (Contributor), Ahn, J. Y. (Contributor), Shin, K. S. (Contributor), Choi, Y. K. (Contributor), Park, J. S. (Contributor) & Song, M. S. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 20 Apr 2020


Post-traumatic stress symptoms in hemodialysis patients with MERS-CoV exposure

Cho, A. J. (Contributor), Lee, H. S. (Contributor), Lee, H. S. (Contributor), Jeon, H. J. (Contributor), Cho, A. J. (Contributor), Jeong, D. W. (Contributor), Kim, Y. G. (Contributor), Lee, H. S. (Contributor), Lee, H. S. (Contributor), Yoo, K. D. (Contributor) & Wong, A. K. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


CCDC 1840502: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Cobb, A. J. A. (Contributor), Dell'Isola, A. (Contributor), Abdulsattar, B. O. (Contributor), McLachlan, M. M. W. (Contributor), Neuman, B. W. (Contributor), Müller, C. (Contributor), Shankland, K. (Contributor), Al-Mulla, H. M. N. (Contributor), Binks, A. W. D. (Contributor) & Elvidge, W. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2018