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Addressing challenges for clinical research responses to emerging epidemics and pandemics: a scoping review

Sigfrid, L. (Contributor), Maskell, K. (Contributor), Bannister, P. (Contributor), Ismail, S. A. (Contributor), Collinson, S. (Contributor), Regmi, S. (Contributor), Blackmore, C. (Contributor), Harriss, E. (Contributor), Longuere, K. S. (Contributor), Gobat, N. H. (Contributor), Horby, P. (Contributor), Clarke, M. (Contributor) & Carson, G. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


A prospect on the use of antiviral drugs to control local outbreaks of COVID-19

Torneri, A. (Contributor), Libin, P. (Contributor), Vanderlocht, J. (Contributor), Vandamme, A. M. (Contributor), Neyts, J. (Contributor) & Hens, N. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2020


A reverse genetics system for avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus based on targeted RNA recombination

Van Beurden, S. J. (Contributor), Berends, A. J. (Contributor), Annika, K. (Contributor), Spekreijse, D. (Contributor), Chénard, G. (Contributor), Philipp, H. C. (Contributor), Mundt, E. (Contributor), Rottier, P. J. M. (Contributor) & Verheije, M. H. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2017


Cross-species transmission of poultry pathogens in backyard farms: ducks as carriers of chicken viruses

Pauly, M. (Contributor), Snoeck, C. J. (Contributor), Phoutana, V. (Contributor), Keosengthong, A. (Contributor), Sausy, A. (Contributor), Khenkha, L. (Contributor), Nouanthong, P. (Contributor), Samountry, B. (Contributor), Jutavijittum, P. (Contributor), Vilivong, K. (Contributor), Hübschen, J. M. (Contributor), Black, A. P. (Contributor), Pommasichan, S. (Contributor) & Muller, C. P. (Contributor), Figshare - T&F, 28 Oct 2019


The use of complementary and alternative medicine by patients with cancer: a cross-sectional survey in Saudi Arabia

Abuelgasim, K. A. (Contributor), Alsharhan, Y. (Contributor), Alenzi, T. (Contributor), Alhazzani, A. (Contributor), Ali, Y. Z. (Contributor) & Jazieh, A. R. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2018


Analysis of long non-coding RNAs in neonatal piglets at different stages of porcine deltacoronavirus infection

Tang, X. (Contributor), Lan, T. (Contributor), Wu, R. (Contributor), Zhou, Z. H. (Contributor), Chen, Y. (Contributor), Sun, Y. (Contributor), Zheng, Y. (Contributor) & Ma, J. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2019


Presentation and outcome of Middle East respiratory syndrome in Saudi intensive care unit patients

Almekhlafi, G. A. (Contributor), Albarrak, M. M. (Contributor), Mandourah, Y. (Contributor), Hassan, S. (Contributor), Alwan, A. (Contributor), Abudayah, A. (Contributor), Altayyar, S. (Contributor), Mustafa, M. (Contributor), Aldaghestani, T. (Contributor), Alghamedi, A. (Contributor), Talag, A. (Contributor), Malik, M. K. (Contributor), Omrani, A. S. (Contributor) & Sakr, Y. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2016


Frequency of <i>Escherichia coli</i> virotypes in calf diarrhea and intestinal morphologic changes associated with these virotypes or other diarrheagenic pathogens

Ngeleka, M. (Contributor), Godson, D. (Contributor), Vanier, G. (Contributor), Desmarais, G. (Contributor), Wojnarowicz, C. (Contributor), Sayi, S. (Contributor), Huang, Y. (Contributor), Movasseghi, R. (Contributor) & Fairbrother, J. M. (Contributor), Figshare - Sage, 1 Jan 2019


Metagenomic analysis of viral nucleic acid extraction methods in respiratory clinical samples

Zhang, D. (Contributor), Lou, X. (Contributor), Yan, H. (Contributor), Pan, J. (Contributor), Mao, H. (Contributor), Tang, H. (Contributor), Yan, H. (Contributor), Zhao, Y. (Contributor), Liu, L. (Contributor), Li, J. (Contributor), Chen, J. (Contributor), Zhang, D. (Contributor) & Ma, X. (Contributor), Figshare, 1 Jan 2018


Development of oligonucleotide microarray for accurate and simultaneous detection of avian respiratory viral diseases

Xiao, Q. (Contributor), Yan, Y. (Contributor), Yao, L. (Contributor), Lei, J. (Contributor), Bi, Z. (Contributor), Hu, J. (Contributor), Chen, Y. (Contributor), Fang, A. (Contributor), Li, H. (Contributor), Li, H. (Contributor), Yan, Y. (Contributor) & Zhou, J. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2019


Prevalence of porcine circovirus type 3 in pigs in the southeastern Chinese province of Zhejiang

Geng, S. (Contributor), Luo, H. (Contributor), Liu, Y. (Contributor), Chen, Y. (Contributor), Xu, W. (Contributor), Chen, Y. (Contributor), Li, X. (Contributor) & Fang, W. (Contributor), Figshare - Springer, 1 Jan 2019