COVID-19 specialized diabetes clinic model for excellence in diabetes Care: Scientific perspective

Ahmed M. El-Malky, Abdulkarim M. Alsaqabi, Abdulsalam S. Alharbi, Wajood A. Alghammdi, Albalawi, Al-Khalaf, Abdullah K. Alghutayghit, Abdullah S. Alrufaidi, Saud M. Alrofydi, Salman W. Bafageeh, Abdulmajeedal Husain, Mohammed A. Ashour

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelpeer review

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© 2020 Via Medica. All rights reserved. While diabetes centers are well established by the Ministry of Health, there is no separate specialized diabetes clinics for COVID-19 patients (SDCs). There are several clinical diabetes centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, several of which have been developed through philanthropy funding; nevertheless, it is not obvious what distinguishes SDCs from a therapeutic viewpoint and what the potential would be for such centers. Through this context, we suggest a structure to direct the progress of SDCs. Defining protocols for wider adoption of SDCs as a means to enhance public safety and COVID-19 patient care efficiency (including consistency and satisfaction) and minimize health care expenses becomes increasingly essential when moving towards value-based sales and reimbursements away from service charges. It is wise to introduce innovative financial mechanisms to pay for diabetes that cannot be covered by fiscally limited private and university medical centers. We foresee potential clinical SDCs to be made up of a well-defined framework and six areas or foundations that act as basic guiding principles for the advancement of diabetes treatment skills that can be easily illustrated by stakeholders, including insurance facilities, consumers, payers and government departments.
TidsskriftClinical Diabetology
Udgave nummer4
StatusUdgivet - 26 aug. 2020

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